What is a Community Health Center?
Community health centers provide care to people regardless of their ability to pay. When patients visit their clinic, they enter a zone of advocacy and comprehensive care. When community health centers aren’t busy making sure everyone gets the care they need, they lead Save Health Care in Washington. Everyone who helps run community health centers deserve a statue put up in their honor. Until there are enough sculptors in the world to do so, we hope they accept the title “Super Star”.

Empowering Patients
Each legislative session, community health centers empower their patients to raise their voices by contacting their legislators. They make sure patients know what’s happening in our state capitol that might impact their health care. Then they connect them to their legislators by asking them to tell their legislators what having health care means to them. We put the messages right on their legislators’ desks.

Why it Works
Community health center patients’ messages make a difference. Legislators are moved by their stories because they bring numbers to life. Without stories, legislators would only get the data about what health care means to people. Stories put a face to those numbers.

Find a Clinic
Community health centers are a safety net for patients from all walks of life. Click here to find a clinic near you!