Find a Community Health Center Near You
Everyone needs access to health care, regardless of their ability to pay! That’s what community health centers are here for. They provide a ton of services under one roof and treat each person who walks through their doors with dignity. If they can’t take care of something for you, they’ll connect you to the right people who can. Click here to find a clinic near you!

Washington HealthPlanFinder
Have you ever had a crash with someone on roller skates? Or suffered a burn due to flaming water-skis? You want to be sure you’re covered. You also want coverage just to stay healthy. Visit Washington HealthPlanFinder to find out if you’re eligible for WA Apple Health or to shop for health care coverage.

Washington Connection
Health coverage isn’t the only thing out there determining how healthy you are. It’s important to eat well and live a low-stress life, too. You might be eligible for things like food or employment assistance to help. Washington Connection is an easy-to-use resource that will help you understand what you’re eligible for and how to get connected.

ParentHelp 123
There are resources out there to help you live a healthy life. But they’re not always easy to find. Applying can be hard and sometimes the rules are awfully confusing. ParentHelp123 makes it easier for families to get access to important services and programs. They’ll help you find the health and food resources you need when you need them.