Community Clinic provides recipe to help Chef get her health back

Cindy is a 64 year old mother of two who has lived in the Seattle area for the last decade. She enjoyed a long career as a chef, but in the restaurant industry one that has usually not offered her employer-sponsored health insurance.

Her career as a chef was ended a few years ago when she had multiple hospitalizations for type II diabetes. When she was first diagnosed, her blood glucose level was above 900 (normal is 140 or lower). She was devastated at having to leave her career. Fortunately, she went to Country Doctor Clinic, and they provided her with the resources to enroll in Apple Health.  She utilized Country Doctor’s resources to get the necessary tests and treatment.  Cindy appreciates Country Doctor’s Diabetes program, where a nurse regularly calls to check in with her and make sure the condition is being managed well. She also uses Country Doctor frequently for her dental care.

She attributes her good quality of health care to the reason she is able to be as active as she is now. She currently walks and does light yoga daily, stays on top of her blood sugar levels, and enjoys a number of hobbies. Cindy also volunteers regularly and helps displaced youth by sharing her skills in the kitchen. “It has been spectacularly life-changing for me to be able to put my skills to use in a way that gives back to my community, especially young people.”