Grandmother goes from homeless to homeowner thanks to health care

Eli is a 59 year old mother of two and grandmother of 11 who lives in Kelso, Washington. She began to visit Family Health Center Longview for her health care and dental needs.  Eli has also been pleased with the dental services offered at FHC Longview. “Their dental care has always been excellent. I’ve had to wait because there aren’t enough dentists but that’s not their fault.” She paid for a crown out-of-pocket and they helped her with a payment plan.  She acknowledges the many challenges that lack of dental care can pose. “Who’s going to hire someone who doesn’t have any teeth?!”

“Without good teeth and mental health care, we become desperate and don’t earn enough on welfare to support our families, and often turn to crime.” Eli has found numerous ways to give back to her community. Eli became a counselor, and went on to get her master’s degree. Now she has a small business that provides counseling services.  “… I’ve gone from homeless and living out of my car to basically owning a home… because I have stability in my life from health care.”